Mudbrick Wedding, Waiheke Island – Carol & Martin

MudbrickWeddingFeb01She’s a Kiwi, he’s a Brit. (Don’t they say girls marry someone like their father? Carol’s dad is British too!) They married at Mudbrick on a gorgeous afternoon in the sun here on Waiheke Island.  Most of their guests stayed at the Waiheke Island Resort in Palm Beach. Makeup was by the lovely Charlotte of Island Beauty.  Carol enjoyed the trip to Mudbrick in style in John’s 1928 Packard.  An intimate relaxed affair, it was a pleasure to capture it all for you!

Photography by Lauretta Quax



MudbrickWeddingFeb2 MudbrickWeddingFeb3 MudbrickWeddingFeb4 MudbrickWeddingFeb5 MudbrickWeddingFeb6 MudbrickWeddingFeb7 MudbrickWeddingFeb8 MudbrickWeddingFeb9 MudbrickWeddingFeb10 MudbrickWeddingFeb11 MudbrickWeddingFeb12 MudbrickWeddingFeb13 MudbrickWeddingFeb14 MudbrickWeddingFeb15 MudbrickWeddingFeb16 MudbrickWeddingFeb17 MudbrickWeddingFeb18 MudbrickWeddingFeb19 MudbrickWeddingFeb20 MudbrickWeddingFeb21 MudbrickWeddingFeb22 MudbrickWeddingFeb23 MudbrickWeddingFeb24 MudbrickWeddingFeb25 MudbrickWeddingFeb26

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