Stonyridge – Waiheke Island Wedding – Amanda & Jeff


Stonyridge is one of my most favourite wedding venue’s on Waiheke Island. Surrounded by rolling hills, grape vines and olive trees and the main building itself covered with vines all make for great photos. So I was very happy to capture Amanda & Jeff’s summer wedding recently. This wedding was all about smiles, laughter, love and having a great time. My favourite part of the day was right after they were pronounced ‘husband and wife’ they broke out the crazy dance moves with their daughters and the music pumping!  Great energy. We enjoyed a few other of Waiheke’s signature spots, Jeff even had the energy for a spot of football on the beach, suit and all!  Now talk about romantic… Jeff arranged for a surprise “Glamping” evening for their wedding night at a secret location overlooking the water.  All arranged via the wonderful Sophia from My Waiheke.  10 points Jeff!

Photographer by Lauretta Quax  |  Assisted by Jenna Mahr

StonyridgeWedding2 StonyridgeWedding3 StonyridgeWedding4 StonyridgeWedding5 StonyridgeWedding6 StonyridgeWedding7 StonyridgeWedding8 StonyridgeWedding9 StonyridgeWedding10 StonyridgeWedding11 StonyridgeWedding12 StonyridgeWedding13 StonyridgeWedding14 StonyridgeWedding15 StonyridgeWedding16 StonyridgeWedding17 StonyridgeWedding18 StonyridgeWedding19 StonyridgeWedding20 StonyridgeWedding21 StonyridgeWedding22 StonyridgeWedding23 StonyridgeWedding24 StonyridgeWedding25 StonyridgeWedding26 StonyridgeWedding27 StonyridgeWedding28 StonyridgeWedding29 StonyridgeWedding30 StonyridgeWedding31 StonyridgeWedding32 StonyridgeWedding33 StonyridgeWedding34 StonyridgeWedding35 StonyridgeWedding36 StonyridgeWedding37 StonyridgeWedding38 StonyridgeWedding39

5 thoughts on “Stonyridge – Waiheke Island Wedding – Amanda & Jeff

  1. Such gorgeous photos that perfectly capture the love and magic of the day – thanks for inviting us to share it with you. Love Kat and Darryl x

  2. Wow what absolutely stunning photos, but it wouldnt have been hard to capture the love between you two, and your girls.
    It was a lovely wedding, thank you for including us on your special day.

    “All You Need Is Love”

    de Zwart family

  3. Beautiful photos..they certainly capture the love, laughter and happiness! It was wonderful to share this very special day with you and to include the children was perfect. Thank you!
    The Sargent family

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